Our Fusion

Land of Jerk and Scotch Bonnet Peppers

Jerk is a cooking style native only to Jamaica. It develops in two stages: first you marinade your meat, fish, whatever you like, in your wet marinade. Then you smoke (bbq) it over a wood fire. Traditionally only a wet marinade was used and you would slowly smoke your meat over the smouldering embers of a pimento wood fire. Pimento, or allspice, together with the infamous Scotch Bonnet peppers, are two essential ingredients in any jerk marinade. We put a lot of love and pride into making our own jerk marinade, which we build, ingredient by ingredient, from scratch! Add it to our slow cooked belly pork and you get our iconic signature dish of jerk belly pork served in our luscious, scrumptious jerk sauce!


Smokehouse BBQ

Our first foray into street food was with our developing attraction for something different, (not that we were abandoning our Jamaican roots). So we started down the road of the pulled pork and barbecue ribs. As our interest and taste for the American flavours and style of cooking developed, we embraced it all including Cajun and Creole additions, again mixing all our own rubs and seasonings, and making everything from scratch. These dishes are all about cooking low and slow, be it in the smoker or in the oven. So in 2013 we had an American Q pitmaster show us the ropes starting off in our Weber bullet, true outdoor barbecuing style. Now we take it a little slower, but by no means easier, with our faithful Fast Eddy Cookshack FEC 120!